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You are planning your trade show exhibition and want to make arrangements according to place and topic?  

The following links will support you in your choice. With the help of the AUMA (the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) and the SwissFairs database you can plan every detail of your exhibition.

MyFairs – the trade show manager for your smartphone.

MyFairs connects you directly with the trade show database of AUMA.


This is how we can help you!






A – C

Process of classification of total volume (e.g. stock products) after certain criteria.
Airport of Entry (AOE)
An international airport where all immigration and customs formalities for incoming passengers and products can be performed.
Air Waybill (AWB)
Document about the completion and content of a transport contract via flight.
Bimodal Traffic
Combination of two different transport systems for one delivery.
Carnet ATA
Customs documentation for goods that won’t be consumed and will be returned within one year. No import fees like toll or taxes will be taken.
Carnet TIR
International customs document for transportation of customs goods without transhipment from one customs office to another. Transportation will be over several borders and at least partially via road.
Consignment note for paid transportation with road haulage over country borders.
Standardised transport container with a loading capacity of more than 3 m3.
Export Certificate
Customs document for exporting goods to other countries and therefore proof of exemption from VAT.
Inland Freight Container
Standardised transport container for inland waterway transport.
Railroad Bill of Lading
Document about the completion and content of a transport contract via railway.

D – F

ETA - Estimated/Expected Time of Arrival
Estimated time of arrival of the goods.
ETD - Estimated/Expected Time of Departure
Estimated time of departure of the goods from the airport or harbour.
EUL - Efficient Unit Load
Optimisation of transported goods for an efficient transport process.
International umbrella association for global freight forwarder organisations.
Freight Documents
All documents that accompany the transport.
Freight Rates
Cost of transport.
Free Pass
Customs document for all countries that cannot issue a Carnet ATA – especially for all exhibits that will be sold on a trade show.
An import of goods or services from other countries by a local customer.
Imports and Exports
Goods that are transported from or to Swiss, or cross the border, have to be transported directly to the next customs office and are subject to import or export.
Import-turnover Tax
A tax for the import of goods and services from extra-community countries.
Lead Time
The time span from the acceptance of the order to completion/delivery.

G – L

High Order Picking Capacity
Quantitative compilation at the hands of an order picker per time unit – handle unity per day, container per day, or positions per day.
International organisation of airlines.
Inner-community Delivery
Transport within a trading community like the European Union.
Intermodal Traffic
A combination of several different transport systems for one delivery.
Loading Unit
A volume of goods that is oriented in size by a standardised load carrier (e.g. stillage).
Lead Logistics Provider
Forwarder who provides all or most of the logistics for the customers.
Lead times
The Time span from order acceptance to completion/delivery.
Transport of goods by airplane.
Air Freight Container
Standardised transport container for transport via airplane.
Equipment for vertical and horizontal loading of heavy goods.
Empty container handling
Collection, storage, and delivery of packaging and transport materials.
Motorised vehicle for transporting goods – especially for stillages.
Transport by Land
Transport of goods by land.

M – Z

On-Site Forwarder
Forwarder directly responsible for the trade show area.
Packaging Materials
Materials for protection of goods from exterior influences.
Port of Entry
International harbour where all immigration and customs formalities for incoming passengers and products can be performed.
Scissors Lift
Lifting platform that is especially made for usage in halls.
Sea Transport
Transport of goods via ship.
Trade Show Forwarder
A specialised logistics company for trade show participants or trade show organiser.
Transit Document
Customs document for traffic between Swiss and members of the European Union as well as Norway and Iceland.
Transport Insurance
Insurance that covers damage or loss of goods during transport.
Supply Depot
Storage facility for production and advertisement materials in consultation with the organiser and the on-site forwarder.
State authority for collecting customs duties and for monitoring cross-border trade.
Customs Clearance
Bureaucratic formality for cross-border trade that is subjected to customs regulations.
Exhibit Supplier
Building, support, dismantling, and removal of an exhibition and its exhibits.


Which transport papers are necessary?
The commercial invoice and a packing list are generally mandatory. For transportation within the EU, you also need the Movement Certificate EUR.1 and the delivery note. For overseas deliveries, you need a Certificate of Origin (FORM-a) additionally to the packing list and the commercial invoice.
What are the Icoterms?
Incoterms are international delivery terms and are issued by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC). All duties of purchasers and vendors are regulated for all import and export.
How much are the charges for transportation into a foreign country?
All costs depend on which kind of goods are to be transported and their amount, which means of transport are chosen, when it is to be transported, and the customs fees. Please, use our contact from for a detailed request. We will send you your individual offer as soon as possible.
How much are the customs fees?
It is mandatory to declare all goods at the customs office at import and export. The Swiss customs tariff Tares is a database, where all goods are listed and individual numbers assigned (tariff numbers and commodity numbers). On the Swiss Import tariff Tares website you can look up your goods and find the respective customs.

If you choose us to do your logistics, we will gladly do it for you. Please, just send us a detailed list of all shipping goods via our contact form.

I cannot find my product in Tares. What can I do?
For binding tariff information please contact the Oberzolldirektion with a filled form 40.10 of the Swiss customs authority (Eidgenössische Zollverwaltung EZV) in Bern.
What is EFTA?
EFTA is the free trade community between Iceland, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland. The organisation EFTA has free trade agreements with 27 countries. You can find a complete list on EFTA’s website.
Are there more free trade agreements in Switzerland aside EFTA?
Switzerland has additional free trade agreements with the EU, Faroe, Japan, and China. Developing countries are granted special tariff preferences under the Generalised System of Preferences and are allowed under special circumstances to ship goods that were produced in those countries, without, or for reduced customs to Switzerland.
What is the capacity of a sea freight container?
Sea fright containers come in three different sizes: 20 feet standard container (ca. 28 m3), 40 feet standard container (ca. 58 m3), 40 High-Cube container (ca. 67 m3)
What is the loading capacity of a truck?
Packages in trucks are generally transported on EURO-pallets. An average truck can transport up to 34 of those pallets. The maximum weight allowed on Swiss streets is 23.9 tons. Therefore the maximum load of one pallet is 700 kg.



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